JSENSE is a charity registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation

We began by undertaking extensive detailed research and analysis into the needs, the demographic factors, the current provision, parental views, the schools involved and the relevant national and local policies on SEND and its funding

JSENSE Community survey 2013 found 14% incidence of SEND in Jewish children compared to national average of 10%

We recognised that service provision needs to be culturally and religiously appropriate - JSENSE services are specially developed to meet those needs

We have worked with over 600 teachers and teaching assistants to develop skills and awareness

We achieved over 95% positive feedback and outcomes from the work we do

We have developed and delivered a range of training courses for parents

We have developed and delivered a range of training courses for schools

We merged in 2019 with the local Jewish parents’ charity JADDS

Following which we developed SEND parent consultation, parent and sibling support networks and workshops

We established a Helpline offering support, advice and advocacy for parents and carers of children and young people with SEND

We developed new ways of working through online events, promoting digital awareness to enable us to continue working through the COVID-19 pandemic