Parents and Carers

JSENSE consults directly with parents and carers to ensure their views are heard.

JSENSE provides resources, communities, training, and experiences that enhance the lives of parents and carers of children and young people with SEND.

In 2019 when JSENSE merged with the former SEND parent charity JADDS we made a commitment to working directly with parents and carers, in addition to our work with schools and educators.

Parents have told us that finding pathways through the systems related to provision for children with SEND is complex and that they need support in understanding the route to services for assessment, diagnosis, and support for their children.

In response to these requests JSENSE has:

Launched a Helpline offering Signposting and Advocacy Services

JSENSE consults directly with parents and carers to ensure their views are heard.

Developed a Directory of Services

With reference to the Greater Manchester Jewish community  

Developed skills training courses for parents

Training services include skills training for parents and carers, whole school training and development

Good to Know

JSENSE has provided “Good to Know “sessions with speakers from local SEND services, speech and language sessions in addition to parenting sessions.

During the Covid emergency, JSENSE moved all of our speaker and community events online. These events have included eminent international speakers such as Rabbi Noach Orwolek of Yeshivas Torah Ohr and Rabbi Kalman Samuels of the Shalva Centre in Jerusalem.