The Focus Foundation

The Nicky Alliance Centre, 85 Middleton Road, Manchester, M8 4JY

Contact Number:
0161 523 4663

Directory of Services

This foundation is available
Monday to Thursday 9AM to 5PM

Service working with adults with learning disabilities, adults on the autistic spectrum and adults with physical disabilities, Our Services are available to adults, aged 18 to 65. Some of our members also have mental health issues.

We provide high quality accommodation and support to enable people to live successful, safe and healthy lives in the community.

Some people have their own flats, others live in shared accommodation. We also provide support to people who are living at home with parents/carers. Support ranges from full time cover including staff members sleeping in overnight, to a few hours a week depending on the needs of the individual.

In addition to helping people with domestic tasks such as cooking, cleaning, shopping and budgeting we offer a holistic service. Working in partnership with the Friendship Circle to find our members jobs, training and learning opportunities and ensure they have access to full social lives. We ensure our members have access to the rich religious and cultural life of our Jewish community.

This includes customising our service to meet the different levels of religious belief and observance of each individual member. This includes responding to the distinct needs of the Charedi community.

Area of eligibility:

Service is available to all areas of Greater Manchester and North of England.

How to access:

Our service can be accessed by self referral, family referral, professional referral.

After our initial informal assessment, the relevant Council Adult Services Department will undertake an assessment of need and determine how many weekly hours of support an individual is entitled to receive. They will then provide the necessary funding to enable us to provide this support.

A School/ College can access our service as above.

Other information:

Local Authorities undertake a financial assessment as part of their assessment of need. The assessment is of the means of the individual needing the service not their family. Depending on the outcome of this assessment individuals may be asked to contribute to the costs of their support.


We are registered with the Care Quality Commission and have approved provider status with relevant local Councils.