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JSENSE outline strategic plan

Every child or young person with special educational needs, from every part of the Greater Manchester Jewish community, deserves the best possible opportunity to transform their lives through quality support for their needs, thereby maximising their individual educational achievements and their acquisition of the necessary skills to assist independent living - the best possible outcomes for them and their families.

JSENSE, a charity registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, is a new Educational Services Provider set up to fulfil the recommendations of the J-SENSe Working Group with the following mission.
“To address the needs of, and achieve the best possible outcomes for, Jewish children in Greater Manchester with special educational needs (SEN) arising from social and communication difficulties (the Client Group) by providing high quality, value adding specialist education services.”
To this end JSENSE will establish a valued portfolio of well-designed, quality services to enable individually tailored support for the Client Group, from well trained staff, with culturally appropriate teaching resources, as detailed in this plan.
This plan follows from detailed research and analysis into the needs, parental views, the demographic factors, the current provision, the schools involved and the relevant national and local policies on SEN and its funding. The key issues to be addressed are:-
  1. High rate of local population growth, particularly in the ultra-orthodox (Charedi) community, with consequent forecast growth in the Client Group
  2. 14% incidence of SEN compared to national average of around 10%
  3. Shortage of specialist skills to ensure adequate provision for the needs of the Client Group and lack of funds from public or private sources to pay for them 
  4. Over 50% of the Client group in independent schools without state funding
  5. Service provision needs to be culturally and religiously appropriate 
The plan is supported by JADDS, the local Jewish SEN parent support group, and proposes new services, conceived to produce the best outcomes for the Client Group, to be delivered in a high quality, cost effective manner. In priority order, these are:
  1. Jewish School Workforce Skills Development - purpose designed, culturally appropriate and accredited training in SEN awareness and handling 
  2. Assistance in the growth of quality direct specialist SEN teaching support
  3. Assistance to enable all independent schools to have access to a SENCO 
  4. Jewish Studies teaching provision for special needs children in non-Jewish Special and mainstream Schools
  5. Practical help to improve recruitment and retention of Teaching Assistants
  1. Fee income from schools and parents (generally originating from statutory public funds) will contribute to service costs but pressures on public expenditure mean that additional funds are needed to meet the ongoing aspirations of this plan. 
  2. Delamere Charitable Trust has agreed to provide initial core funding to enable JSENSE to start the training services in September 2013 but full funding of the proposed services is beyond the capacity of Delamere alone.  
  3. This Plan sets out the background and the justification for the proposals. 
  4. Contributions are invited from public and private sources to the core funding and/or the funding of specific service projects.
The other proposed services will be implemented and expanded as funding permits.