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Our Record

JSENSE was officially launched in October 2013.  As we develop, we will record our achievements and external comments on our services in this area of our website.
At our launch, our keynote speaker, Sue Woodgate, (Assistant Director for Childrens  Services, Salford City Council) explained how she had willingly become involved in JSENSE’s initial research at an early stage and had been very pleased to advise the organisation whose aims exactly complemented Salford’s own plans to provide targeted specialist help to needy young people and communities in Salford.   She was delighted to see JSENSE come to fruition, wished it very success in its endeavours, and offered ongoing direct contact with Salford to provide future support and guidance.
We also received the following message of support from Ivan Lewis, MP for Bury South.
"I am sorry I am unable to be with you at your launch. However, I want to express my strong support for the service you intend to offer. For too long Jewish children with special needs and their families have not received the support they need and deserve.  Supporting teachers and schools to develop specialist expertise so they are able to offer children the best possible education in a mainstream setting will help to put that right. 
Every child matters and every child has the right to fulfil their potential; these are key elements of any education system or school which aspires to educational excellence.  I look forward to promoting the work of JSENSE in the future."
We have taken care to ensure our specially written Workforce Skills Development SEN Training Course on SEN is of the highest quality and are pleased to have received accreditation for it from The CPD Certification Service.  As a result, successful completion will count towards continuing professional development and can also contribute to a Level 3 NVQ.