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J-SENSe, a Manchester based Jewish Community Working Group  was set up by JADDS, a local Jewish Parent Support Group, and the Delamere Charitable Trust to research the needs of children and young people with SEN and how they are currently being served, and to identify how additional new services could best transform their life chances.  The Working Group comprised around forty people who represented the main communal institutions and included a team of experienced SEN specialist professionals.  A small Executive group managed the process.
Extensive detailed research and analysis into the needs, the demographic factors, the current provision, parental views, the schools involved and the relevant national and local policies on SEN and its funding was undertaken. This was then considered by the Executive with the help of the professional experts and recommendations made as to new services required, to be delivered by a new Educational Services Provider.  These recommendations were endorsed by the full Working Group and JADDS and have been well received by the main local authorities concerned and by interested communal institutions.
JSENSE is that new Educational Services Provider.  JSENSE involves professional experts from the JSENSe Working Group and representatives from the Delamere Charitable Trust, JADDS and Langdon College. JSENSE is also pleased to have the support of the Interlink Foundation which works to improve access to services for the Orthodox Jewish community.  The Plan envisages a relatively modest start to services in Autumn 2013, with services being added in and enhanced over time as the service reputation is established and funding streams are established.